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Biometric Time & Attendance

Biometric Attendance -Payroll system

Biometric devices help to manage the attendance of every employee in your office or organization . The storage capacity of every device varies as per the specifications. Hence every device is exclusive in it and serves its purpose accordingly.

Attendance Machines are perfect for small and large industrial organizations with any number of employees. Also, these devices have various operational modes and multiple connectivity mode.There are many types of Biometric machines which played a vital role to keep the track of your employee and associated software provides you a complete payroll management platform.

Most common types of Biometric  Attendance system are-

1) RFID Card Attendance Machine

2) Face detection Attendance Machine

3) Finger print Attendance machine

4)Aadhar Enabled Biometric Machine

5)Cloud based Attendance system

6) Selfi Attendace System

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