• Does a CCTV Camera work in Full Darkness?

Most CCTV cameras work on Black & White mode in darkness with their IR sensor LED illuminated in dark. Now Full color day and night CCTV Cameras & Dark fighter CCTV Cameras available in the market . These cameras give you a Color HD picture at night as the Manufacturer provides Strobe light in these cameras. Please check the compatibility and models suitable for your DVR or NVR with your System Integrator / Installer .

  • Does a CCTV System record video all the time ? 

Yes , CCTV Camera System records video footage whole day and night with a Surveillance Hard disc installed in it . If you want to expand your recording time then the system should be activated to do recording when motion is detected. 

  • Can CCTV cameras be connected to mobile ?

Yes. CCTV Cameras can be viewed on mobile phones when we give internet connection to DVR /NVR .  This setup may Cost you a little more with some hardwares like Router / LTE Router / Wifi receiver added to the system

  • How Long a CCTV System can record data ?. 

Record time of a CCTV System depends upon following factors and can be designed accordingly with your requirement .

  1. Nos of Camera Installed in a System
  2. Video Compression Rate (H.264/H.265/H.265+) of the DVR or NVR.
  3. Is it Full color Camera or Night Vision Camera?
  4. Pixels of Camera Video and Definition of Picture
  5. If the recording features are enabled for full day or only for motion detection .

(Please do a System design with and Security system Expert as per your requirement)

  • How far a CCTV Camera See ?

A normal CCTV Camera Can record video up to 20 meter distance . But We can choose a 30 meter / 40 meter / 50 meter /60 meter /80 meter IR range Camera as per our need.

If we need more distance to be covered we may opt for a PTZ control camera with a range of vision up to 200 meter .

  • How can I retrieve CCTV footage from the CCTV System?

Anyone can view past records for a specific date and time slot from the Playback option provided in the System . If you want to retrieve some Incident footage , you can copy data via an external storage device . But it is recommended to contact your Service Provider to retrieve data and video analysis for the incident.

  • Can CCTV cameras record audio ?

Yes CCTV Cameras can record audio with Audio-inbuilt Cameras . In most Wireless CCTV Cameras you can do two way audio communications . No Audio inbuilt Camera to be installed is dependent upon Audio Channel Compatibility of NVR / DVR / XVR .

  • What is the difference between Analog Camera and an IP Camera ?

The main difference between the network video recorder (NVR) and digital video recorder (DVR) is in how they process raw video data. A DVR converts analog footage into a digital format, while an NVR typically only works with digital footage

  • How Many Rupees a CCTV System Costs ?

The Budget depends upon your Requirement . A Single Wifi CCTV System can Cost you from Rupees 3000 . Please Check with  different Installers with estimation locally for your Requirement.

  • Is it wise and Cost effective to buy CCTV from e Commerce Platform ?

If you are aware about Camera Specification ,it is Cost effective to buy CCTV System from e-commerce Platform . But if you are not sure about product specification and have no idea about how to install it , then you should ask a CCTV expert to visit your Site and Suggest the best suitable CCTV system for you. Most Manufacturers of CCTV System will not provide Warranty Service on E commerce Products. Please check all those things before you decide.

  • How can we get CCTV data when our NVR / DVR is damaged or stolen during robbery ?

For your high sensitive Premises CCTV surveillance  System must be enabled with Cloud Storage options. Additional Cloud Storage option costs you little more . But you can retrieve footage by logging in to the Cloud storage account when the above situation arises.

  • Which CCTV System is Best for Commercial establishments ?

For Commercial Establishments and Enterprises IP Based Network CCTV System is best . It is wise to hire a CCTV Security System Expert to Design and Install CCTV With Remote monitoring feature via VMS . Because you need to monitor a detailed activity of your Establishment.

  • Is an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)  necessary for CCTV?

Yes . It is very very important for Commercial Establishments. AMC enables you Quick Support ,dedicated Service and Installers may offer you standby  for Faulty Components. Which will provide you seamless and uninterrupted Surveillance throughout the year. 
If you have More Questions regarding CCTV System or Planning to Install a Perfect and Full proof CCTV System for your Valuable Premises please Contact us any time.