• What is the purpose of Installing Biometric Devices ?

Biometric devices are used to capture human data for security identification and authentication .

  • Why are the Biometric Devices used for ?

Biometric devices are used for capture and record Attendance of employees in an organization . Biometric Devices also used to give entry authorization of employees and visitors to enter different sections in an organization.

  • What are the types of Biometric Devices?

Biometric devices are operated with a unique identification and process of Fingerprint ,Face , Retina and Palm detection methods.

  • Is biometric identification method unique and not identical ?

Biometric data is unique for every individual and it varies from person to person. No two individuals in the world have totally the same biometric data .

  • Is it possible to capture and process Biometric attendance from multiple locations in a single platform ?

Yes . It is Possible to process Biometric based attendance systems from different work sites of an organization in Head office on a single platform.

  • Is payroll integration possible with a biometric Attendance System?

Yes . It is possible.

  • Is an Aadhar based Biometric Authentication device Available ?

Aadhar Data of a person in India is unique . It is possible to installan Aadhar based Biometric Time and Attendance System.

  • Can I process Salary with Biometric Attendance System Software?.

Yes . It is possible.

  • Can a Biometric based Token System be possible for Canteen and Cafeteria management?

Yes , System can Integrated for Canteen and cafeteria food service on a user basis and billed periodically.

  • Is there any touchless and Temperature monitoring Biometric device available?

Yes , temperature monitored ,touch less biometric device available in India amid Covid Pandemics.

  • Can we send attendance data of students to their parents daily via SMS in Schools?

Yes we can Integrate GSM Based System for Schools to send notification to parents or guardians .The System sends SMS when a student enters or leaves School premises immediately.

  • How do I get a Biometric based Attendance and payroll System in Odisha ?

You can find a Biometric System Integrator or can Contact us for your System Integration and any types of Biometric based Solution.