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Enterprise Surveillance

Factory Surveillance

Enterprise Surveillance  is the type of Video and Audio Surveillance (where as) system ,by which your whole business operation can be monitored at any place. You can place a huge no of CCTV camera and can be monitored . The security outline of any business space requires high accuracy Security cameras for successful working. With CCTV cameras you would be able to monitor any development of activities inside and outside the office. Reinforcement of security can be made after proper surveillance .

CCTV Camera  for Enterprises are many types with respect to its application. Some of these are:

  1. 360 ° Speed Dome (PTZ-Pan Tilt Zoom)
  2. Licence plate reader camera(LPR)
  3. Thermal Screening Camera
  4. Varifocal Camera
  5. Vandal proof Motorised Camera
  6. Ultra Low light Camera
  7. Night color VU camera
  8. 4k resolution camera
  9. WDR Camera
  10. Chemical resistant camera
  11. AI Face detection camera

And ,it counts many more as per customer specific requirement.