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Electronics Article Surveillance (EAS)

Electronic Article Surveillance ,Anti Shop picking

Electronic Article Surveillance is the system most commonly used in Shopping malls ,Showrooms , libraries , Exhibitions to enforce Anti picking and prevent Shop lifting Activity.

Radio Frequency (RF) based EAS

This is most commonly used in Retail Marts and shopping malls to prevent Shop lifting .

EAS Gates are provided at Exit gates to detect shop lifting. Every Articles are fastened with a EM Security tag which is removed during billing.

Electro Magnetic (EM) based EAS

This is generally used in Public Libraries where EM Tags are pasted to every Books and CDs . When a reader try to take out a book or CD from library ,the EM Gate at exit door notifies with alarms.

Amplitude Modulation (AM) based EAS

The is the most important type EAS system which is used in Jewellery shop for preventing anti theft activity.

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