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Billing & Accounting


Computerized accounting software is used for evaluating the profitability and financial performance of different organizations. Manual accounting has become redundant nowadays, as they are prone to human error. Thus, businesses of all sizes rely on the best accounting software in India to make the complex accounting task more manageable and error-free.

Computerized accounting solutions acts as the primary tool for recording, tracking, and generating accounting transaction reports of small and medium-sized enterprises. It comes with a host of modules such as bookkeeping for tracking and managing payments and collections; invoicing for generating invoices for your customers; general ledger for summarizing all the transactions taking place in your organization; inventory module for tracking products from purchase to sale; accounts payable for processing vendor invoices; accounts receivable for generating customer invoices; purchase order module for tracking and managing all inventory orders; and debt collection module for collecting late invoices. Some computerized billing apps also come with additional modules like electronic payment processing to help you make transactions via electronic medium. These modules help you control the different aspects of accounting processes efficiently.